Office Visits

Office Visit Protocol

As social and government restrictions begin to be lifted, we are happy to announce we are seeing patient for all types of appointments; but we want to inform you of our new office visit protocols. As always, the care and safety of our patients, staff and community is our highest priority and these new protocols have been put in place to protect everyone. We thank you for scheduling an appointment with us and look forward to seeing you in office to take care of your dermatologic needs.

Day of Appointment

As of Monday, May 23, 2022: Face masks are optional throughout the visit in office.

Initial Screening

Patients will be screened at the front door by a member of the staff. The initial screening includes:
1. Completion of a verbal COVID-19 Questionnaire
2. Temperature Screening
A. If patient’s temperature is above 100 the patient will be rescheduled.
B. If the patient’s temperature is below 100 the patient will continue with Check-In Process

Check-In Process

Patient will continue to the front desk for our normal Check-In Process.

We advise that if you are NEW PATIENT, to print out your paperwork and have it filled out prior to coming for your visit.

Cell Phone Verification

Staff will verify the patient’s cell phone number. We will use this number to contact the patient when their exam room is ready. Patients will then be told of our social distancing protocol and asked to return to their car or sit in the waiting room. Patients that are handicapped, elderly, or have special needs will have priority to waiting room seating.

Appointment Time

When it's time for the appointment, the medical assistant will notify the patient.
1) If the patient is in the waiting room - the patient will be called as normal.
2) If the patient is in their vehicle - we will then reach out to them from an office phone and advise him or her that they are ready for them to re-enter the clinic.
The patient will be advised they can re-enter the office and will be met by a member of our staff to take the patient to their exam room.


Our standard check-out process will be utilized for patients.